About My Family -. My family is not very big, just a typical family: Dad, Mom, me, my brother and sister and our cat. My Mummy is forty-one, she is a teacher of Spanish at the University. She is a born teacher. She has teaching abilities. My Dad is forty-two, he is a professional painter, he works for a design company.


Пример 1: I work every day. – Я работаю каждый день. I am working now. – Я работаю сейчас. I worked yesterday. – Я работал вчера. Work, working, worked – это три разные формы глагола to work. Глагол to work называют правильным, так как для образования прошедшего времени (Past Simple) к его первой ...


1. Cooler. 2. The round ball-shaped part. 3. Table to work . 4. The place to connect the pipe pressure 5. Supply port (exit) of water. 6. Proved management. 7. ...... As a result of studies obtained coefficient reflecting the influence of the angle of inclination and in accordance with this corrected for shear stresses at various ...


I told her I was not very happy at work. They said: 'We're going home.' They told us they were going home. He said, 'Jane will be late.' He said that Jane would be late. 'I've been working,' she said. She said she had been working. 'What happened to make her so angry?' he asked. He asked what had happened to make her ...


The article discusses the features of psychological correction work of a professional psychologist with children with high anxiety in clinical conditions. Also the role of the ... мен жара^аттарыньщ нэтижеанде агзаньщ жуйке- психикальщ аймагындагы ауыр бузылыстарымен ша^ырылган тулганьщ психогенд1 ауруы [1].


[Quiz 1.1] Choose the correct form of the noun in each sentence. 1)I have three ( child, children). 2)There are five (man, men) and one (woman, women). 3)(Baby, Babies) play with bottles as toys. 4)I put two big (potato, potatoes) in the lunch box. 5)A few men wear (watch, watches). 6)I put a (memo, memos) on the desk.


Comparative adjectives compare two things. Superlative adjectives compare more than two things. Commonly, adjectives that contain only one syllable or end in 'y' use 'er' to form comparatives and 'est' to form superlatives. For adjectives ending in y, change the 'y' to 'i' before adding the 'er' or 'est'. old – older – oldest ...


of correctional work on development of touch and thin motility of blind children of ..... Эксперимент журпзшген сынып окушыларына информатика пэнш математика, ана тш, казак тип. . рет, география ... diianepi» Абай атындагы % аз¥1/У, «Академик Толеген Тэжюаев - Казацстандагы психология жэне педагогика.


1. Аглаева В.М. Взаимосвязь художественного и трудового воспитания в процессе обучения младших школьников декоративноҮприкладному искусству и лепке. Дисс. ... ABSTRACT. The presented material is intended for the teachers of initial classes, during organization of work on ... development, correction.


жэне акпарат министрлптнде. 2009 жылы мамырлын 8-де пркелген. №10107 -Ж. Басуга 07.07.2016 кол койылды. IlimiMi 60x84 1/8. Колем! 16.75 е.б.т. ..... 131. L.KH Makina, В.В. Zhakhanbaeva, A.A. Azenova. The work of the psychologist in special correctional school for children with intellectual disabilities ...


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Английский 1 класс КСП ССП (КМЖ ОМЖ) Smiles. 1 сынып қалыптастырушы бағалау портфолиосы 2017-2018 оқу жылы дүниетану, жаратылыстану


"Ай" тақырыбы. Дүниетану. 1 сынып. библиотека материалов. Скачать материал целиком можно бесплатно по ссылке внизу страницы. Пән: Математика. Сынып: 1 Ә.


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Просмотр содержимого документа «Сауат ашу. 1 сынып. Кейіпкерлерді сипаттаймын. Ю әрпі.»


СЫНЫП: 1-сынып. Қатысқандар саны: 24.


Management and leadership of learning. Methods. Group work. Game.


Correction work.


Individual work “Diagnostic test”. Pair work “Corrections”. 10 min.


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