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A frivolous lawsuit refers to a lawsuit that is brought without justification and has no merit.


They filed suit against the adhesive manufacturers, Para-Chem. A jury obviously agreed since the men were


Frivolous lawsuits are on vogue: from a man who sued Budweiser for not getting him beautiful women, to a german playboy who sued a 19-year-old for refusing to sleep with him.


In law, frivolous litigation is the practice of starting or carrying on lawsuits that, due to their lack of legal merit, have little to no chance of being won.


Civil lawsuits cost the US economy over 200 billion dollars per year! According to the US Federal


Probably the most famous "frivolous lawsuit" example of all time. No doubt you've heard of the lady that sued McDonald's because she spilled some hot coffee in her lap while driving.


FrivolousLawsuit.com. Resources. The Institute for Legal Reform is an excellant resource for understanding the real costs of frivolous lawsuits.


Frivolous lawsuits like the one Volpi experienced suck profits from small business owners, raise the price of products and services, and drive up the cost of the nation’s civil justice system.


A frivolous lawsuit is any lawsuit that is filed with the intention of harassing, annoying, or disturbing


Every year there are thousands of frivolous lawsuits filed that have absolutely no merit under the law.


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