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Moreover, the big cities have some social problems such as high crime and poverty rates in comparison with the countryside.


How Big Data Helps Build Smart Cities. Theoretically at least, smart cities can fundamentally change our lives at many levels such as less pollution


Most technologists and engineers are busy investigating how to build smart cities, and what features to give them. But it’s also important to ask who gets to live in them


What are these problems? Should governments encourage people to move to smaller town? Nowadays, the majority of world population is living in


Besides that, the big problem of cities is transport problem. Transport problems are related to urban areas and take place when transport systems cannot


Problems of big cities Nowadays, a lot of people prefer live in big city because of many opportunities that it brings to them like job or good education. But every big city usually face a lot of problems. The first and the biggest problem is environmental pollution. It's an issue that troubles us.


How big cities have problems with перевод.


To reduce the pressure of big cities, authorities should encourage inhabitants to live in suburban areas.


What are the main problems in cities and how can these problems be tackled? In recent times, more and more people are living in big cities and urban


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